purplequote1Throughout life, the “desires of your heart” will be one of your most important voices of counsel, guiding the decisions you make. Amidst all the voices of influence in the world today, it is critically important that you learn to tune in, listen and respond to those promptings that lie deep within you, calling forth from your “true self.”

What is a desire? When thinking about one’s calling or vocational direction, a desire can be defined as an intense longing to meet a need or solve a problem in the world around us. In other words, inherent in your personal design, is the ability to answer specific questions or be the solution to a particular need or problem. For example, a desire can lead a person to build new homes, design a new medical device, develop a software solution, care for the elderly, alleviate suffering through counseling, paint a picture that adds beauty to a home or office space or colonize Mars. Imagination is the only thing that limits desire.

It is important to recognize the types of needs or problems you consistently gravitate towards. Desires can and do change, however, as we mature, there will be some desires that remain and become more clear and compelling. It takes time and a broad range of evaluated experiences to hone in on those reoccurring desires.

What is passion? Passion is the electrical spark of desire! When you talk about those desires closest to your heart, you come alive and others not only see it in your countenance, they feel the energy of it! Passion is that extreme, compelling emotion that helps us recognize and clarify our personal and professional desires. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to those ideas, topics and activities that elicit a strong emotional response. Moving forward, I will refer to desires as passions, since it calls to the surface those desires with a strong emotional attachment and commitment.

A set of discovery questions draws a picture of your inner landscape and steps you through the process of clarifying and refining those passions resonating within you.