Welcome to VectorCheck!

VectorCheck specializes in helping individuals discover and develop their unique personal design.  The end goal is to launch you onto a clear path of success that is both positive and attainable, personally and professionally.

We live in America, the land of opportunity, however, we are also swimming in a sea of distractions.  The VectorCheck Process will help you develop focus and minimize distraction by narrowing the unlimited options for careers to those most consistent with your design.

Once on your way, you will be able to effectively navigate though periods of career or life stage transition by effectively applying the knowledge and evaluated experiences you have acquired along the way.

“One of the primary characteristics of happy, productive, successful people is that they see themselves in a future that feels positive and attainable.”

Don’t Waste Your Talent

Strengths-based coaching provides key insight into how you can:

  • clarify your singular distinctive purpose
  • create your most productive work environment
  • discover your natural abilities (talents)
  • select a college major
  • establish a career direction
  • manage career transition
  • identify best team role and function

In addition, it illuminates how you:

  • make decisions
  • solve problems
  • approach conflict
  • learn best
  • are motivated and lose motivation
  • can most effectively set goals
  • can partner with others to maximize your strengths and mitigate your weakness

Once you identify the key personal design characteristics unique to you, the application isn’t just limited to selecting a major or establishing a career track.  Regarding your own personal and professional development, the value of this information is really non-negotiable, but when it comes to enriching your interpersonal relationships, it is priceless.  It is through self-awareness and understanding, that we come to delight in and develop compassion towards ourselves and others.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 
Abraham Lincoln