The Highlands Ability Battery is the gold standard for objectively identifying natural abilities or talents. The battery is a state-of-the art assessment tool that delivers an objective test of nineteen separate abilities, each measured by a time-tested work sample. Based on seventy years of research, the Highlands Ability Battery™ describes an individuals personal work style, goal setting tendencies, approach to problem solving, best learning channels, and those abilities that demand expression in one’s daily life.

The Highlands offers reports uniquely tailored for adults, students, leaders and lawyers. For the adult and student reports, a Career Exploration Supplement is also included which provides a closer look at one’s combination of abilities and recognized ability patterns. Furthermore, these patterns have been matched with career options listed on the Department of Labor’s O*NET website (, which also contains a free online interest inventory.

Keep in mind that your abilities can fit naturally into a broad range of disciplines or careers. It is very important to recognize that you have many options to choose from and that the other aspects of your design (passions, personality, skills, values and goals) help to narrow your selection down to those providing a more “natural fit.”

Reports Available with Highlands:

For more information about the Highlands Career Exploration Supplement included with the Adult and Student reports, see the video below: